Best time to buy a Shed



Best time to Buy:  Fall and End of Winter/Beginning of spring

Why:  Although sheds are used year round, they are typically purchased by homeowners in the spring and summer months.  As such, the best time to buy a shed is in the off-season. 

  • Fall – Shed retailers want to move inventory for a variety of reasons.  For one, shed retailers want to turn their inventory of sheds and get the income on the books before the year closes. Second, shed retailers do not want to be maintaining and repairing inventory throughout the winter time, resulting in somewhat “used” product.  Third, shed retailers is often seasonal and the owner may close up for the season or need the space for other seasonal business activities.  Additionally, display models may also be priced even lower than a custom order so if you can be flexible with colors and door placement this is a good time to buy a shed.


  • End of Winter/Beginning of Spring – As shed sales are seasonal, shed retailers are often strapped for cash as they enter the season.  In order to improve cash flow, shed retailers often provide pre-season incentives.

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